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14 November



The State of eCommerce in the UK 

Part of the Marketing Technology Happy Hour Series

Invitation Only


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14 November

The State of eCommerce in the UK

​Join us as we host a panel of experts on the state of UK eCommerce today and the key trends that will shape the digital world of tomorrow. Topics will include:

  • eCommerce Winners & Losers:  We’ll highlight the latest trends in online shopping, detailing who’s up, who’s down, and why.


  • Inside Amazon: We’ll deconstruct Amazon’s latest strategies, their growing emphasis on sponsored search, their rising conversion rates, and more.  Learn the secrets to selling more online by working with, and/or around, Amazon.


  • Search Trends: Learn how to get more traffic in today’s new search ecosystem, where consumers search differently, Google delivers results differently, and 54% of product-related searches happen on Amazon. 


  • Path-to-purchase: The latest trends in digital purchase journeys, including why many successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are now seeking traditional retail partners.



5.30 PM

Drinks & Networking

6.00 PM

Presentation & Q&A

6.30 PM

Drinks & More Networking

7.30 PM


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